16 dishes not yet served as not to Thailand

16 dishes not yet served as not to Thailand

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Thai cuisine is famous for its harmonious combination of ingredients and spices, giving visitors an unforgettable experience.

Nuea daet diao kaphrao thot: This dish consists of dried beef and fried steak, mixed with basil also fried, and served with a spicy sauce. Thai people often eat this when drinking.

Khao man kai: Hainanese chicken rice Thai version, kha man khai contains garlic rice, sliced ​​chicken, broth and a kind of spicy sauce.

Khao tom kui: Basically this is white porridge with many side dishes, often eaten at breakfast cheap.

Kai yang: This dish is native to Laos, including marinated marinated roasted chicken, usually served with papaya salad and sticky rice.

Laap pet: Shredded duck (fried or toasted) is mixed with fish sauce, lemon and spices before adding chilli and mint leaves. Thai people eat this dish with sticky rice.

Yam pla duk fu: The yam pla duk fu consists of crispy fried fish and spicy papaya salad. Dumplings are usually placed in separate bowls to keep fish brittle.

Sai step Isan: This is one of the most famous dishes of northern Thailand, including pork sausage, minced garlic and glutinous rice. Sausages are fermented for several days before being baked, creating a very special taste.

Som tam: This famous Thai dessert is made from papaya mixed with lemon, chili, salt, fish sauce and sugar.

Kor moo yang: Pork neck is seasoned with marinated spices and charcoal grilled, giving a charming scent. Pork soft sweet with spicy sauce that visitors want to eat forever.

Khao nia mamuang: This mango roll is sold at restaurants and karaoke bar stalls. Xoi is added coconut milk to create a sweet smell and flavor, served with cooked mango pieces

Kaeng khiao wan: The “Kaeng khiao wan” (green curry) is made from coconut milk and green pepper, giving a good color and taste.

Roti kluai khai: This is an attractive pavement dish, a pancake with banana and eggs. This dish is often sprinkled with condensed milk or chocolate syrup.

Tod man pla: Fried fish is fried, mixed with red curry powder, cowpea, kaffir lime leaves and sweet sauce.

Khanom tom: Sticky flour is mixed with sugar, coconut and other ingredients, then vo cup. After boiling, the rolls are rolled with coconut. This is an interesting pavement dish in Thailand.

Father Yen: Ceylon tea is added sugar, ice and milk. The seller usually put his yen into plastic bags with straws.

Beer Chang: This is the most popular beer in Thailand. It would be great to enjoy a cool beer on a hot day in Bangkok.

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