5 points Dortmund 1-3 Real: Champions League is Ronaldo’s!

5 points Dortmund 1-3 Real: Champions League is Ronaldo’s!

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Signal Iduna Park wins the return of Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. At the same time, the loss of two consecutive games makes Dortmund closer to the Europa League arena.

1. The other face of Real in Europe

Los Blanco’s squad showed a difference from the domestic arena. Unspeakable matches in La Liga and criticism did not stop Ronaldo from marching to Germany. Gareth Bale also showed that he never went to the other side of his career. The subtle striker to open the score shows the sensitivity of a top striker. In addition, the pace of the Welshman is always a constant threat on the left.

It can not be denied that Real plays much better when there is a ‘healthy’ midfield. The Casemiro, Toni Kroos and Luka Modric trilogy are the deciding factor for them to impose their play on the opponent, and to control the center better. That is the springboard for the players in the upper level can shine.

2. Aubameyang and Bernabeu story

“I do not even dream of this, I will not say anything about Real Madrid, they do not need me,” Dortmund striker said before the game. Before that, he shared that Real shirt was his promise to his late grandfather. This match, he also scored a very beautiful goal against the Los Blanco. Most likely, Real will re-launch this deal in the next summer transfer window.

3. The numbers of Ronaldo

237 minutes, that is the time that striker Portugal can not score any goals. However, all the criticism was silenced after witnessing his performance in this match. His 400th appearance for Real, he scored his 109th goal in the Champions League. In total, the star participated in 522 goals in 400 games, including 411 goals and 111 assists.

4. The mistakes of the referee

Also not to mention the lack of black jackets in this match. Sergio Ramos’s over-the-top defensive tackle was somehow out of the reach of the referees. Then a touching ball by Dani Carvajal’s hand continued to be missed. If the referees were more accurate during the treatment phase, perhaps Dortmund had not suffered a second defeat in the group stages.

5. Dortmund are very close to the Europa League

Falling into a deadly league table makes each match a knock-out. And the representative of Germany completely failed before both competitors are Tottenham and Real Madrid. Now they have not had any points and perhaps only think of a third place in Group H, and a place in the Europa League this season.

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