5 points M.U 4-0 Crystal Palace: Fellaini advantage; Amazing Martial & Rashford

5 points M.U 4-0 Crystal Palace: Fellaini advantage; Amazing Martial & Rashford

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Manchester United win convincingly before the Crystal Palace with Marouane Fellaini’s brilliant glitter.

Receiving weak opponents Crystal Palace at home to Old Trafford, Manchester United not too difficult to win bold 4-0. Those scoring for the Red Devils included Juan Mata, Marouane Fellaini (2) and Romelu Lukaku. Here are 5 highlights of the match.

1. Marouane Fellaini is now quite important

Having benefited in a row thanks to Paul Pogba’s injury, however, Fellaini has shown he deserves a kick under Jose Mourinho. Before Crsytal Palace, the Belgian midfielder acts as a shuttle across the pitch and is always available at the hottest spots. Double Crystal Palace net is really a performance of Fellaini. Manchester United fans have almost forgotten Pogba’s absence when watching Fellaini play as great as today.

2. Rashford and Martial shine brightly

Midweek, Martial was the best player on the bench and scored three goals in UEFA’s 4-1 win over CSKA Moscow, but he was unlikely to make it. Marcus Rashford was at the Crystal Palace reception. Not to be outdone, Rashford right now double shot tectonic open the easy victory for the Reds. The healthy competition between Rashford and Martial is essential in the left wing of Manchester United.

3. Ashley Young is the answer to the left

The position of the left back always makes coach Jose Mourinho crazy when the Dayley Blind or Luke Shaw has never been appreciated. Then Ashley Young healed and returned, the problem immediately resolved. With the ability to hit the rhythm of the rhythm, especially able to throw out the lines hurt, Young is the puzzle that Mourinho has been searching for so long.

4. One arrow hit the target

With victory over Crystal Palce, Man United temporarily rose to the top of the Premier League. Not to mention, City City also has a fierce echoes are expected to hard to meet Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. No matter what the outcome of this match, Manchester United is still the team full of joy.

5. The relegation threat is now with Crystal Palace

Changing the game but not changing, Crystal Palce can not escape the full loss this year. Coach Roy Hogdson is probably not the savior that Crystal Palace boss seeks. The Palace’s play is still very weak and if not soon change, the relegation will be difficult to escape the Crystal Palace.

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