5 ways effective dry skin care

5 ways effective dry skin care

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Our skin consists of many different types, such as oily skin, normal skin, dry skin, combination skin, each skin type will have a different way to bring the beauty, the charm of women, especially dry skin is the basic cause cause skin conditions such as chapped, dermatitis, itching, makes the skin more prone to pigmentation, dull, dull and create favorable conditions for the signs of skin aging appear if it is not cared for properly. Therefore 5 how effective dry skin care below will help you gain knowledge, skills and experience to always confident, bright beauty of your skin slightly.

5 ways effective dry skin care

How effective dry skin care

Dry skin care moisturizing the skin by carefully

For the care of dry skin effect , the skin’s moisturizing first measures, requisite, plays a very important role. You need to choose for themselves moisturizer suitable for face and body to moisturise the skin full every morning, every evening and after the bath, in case your skin is too dry, use a body moisturizer if your skin is dry or medium dry or less moisturizer with natural ingredients like honey, aloe vera is the most suitable choice. The skin moisturizer will facilitate new cells replace healthy development of old dead skin.
To the moisturizing results, you should apply moisturizer or oil moisturizes while cleansing, at the same time gently massage to the skin can absorb the cream (oil) Moisturizing an easier way, uphold effective skin care advantages over offline.
Extra care properly for dry skin

For dry skin, bathing plays a very important role, if not properly Extra dry skin will be more dry than jog. Therefore, to take care of dry skin is best to shower with cold water or moderately warm water enough (if cold) bath water too hot very easy to make dry skin, if possible, add a little oil types (coconut oil, olive oil iu, grapefruit essential oils), or moisturizing bath oil to the bath in order to avoid damaging the skin slightly. Do not use soap as it will dry out the skin, skin irritation very quickly, instead use shower gel moisturizer, cleanser, shower gel extracted from natural, gentle, and do not forget the support Moisturize immediately after showering careful slightly. When bathing, use only cotton gently massage the skin in the direction of the circle, do not rub too hard cause skin damage. Simultaneously with people with dry skin, should limit the steam, sauna too often because it will make the skin becomes dry clear.

Extra care properly for dry skin

Drink plenty of water to moisturize dry skin

Water has long been considered a “panacea” health and beauty of the skin, but for dry skin is more important countries than ever before. Therefore, to take care of dry skin in the best way, you need to provide adequate amount of water to the body by drinking plenty of water every day at least 2-2.5 liters, split evenly during the day, every 15 minutes drink water once again, not to drink too much water at once, and vice versa for the body lacks water not too long slightly. This habit will help you moisturize the skin from within by each skin cell were “suck” water fully and dramatically improve dry skin condition and reverse the risk to the Skin disorders are extremely quite effective. Besides water, you can add all kinds of herbal tea (tea artichoke, tea stevia tea, corn silk, …) and the juice of green vegetables, fruits to effective skin care better light.

Exfoliate the skin regularly to remove dry skin

For dry skin , the skin exfoliating will help take away the old cells, facilitating the development of new cells better, absorb nutrients more efficiently. You can brush dedicated or mixed sugar – olive oil, green tea – honey, strawberry puree – road, … to exfoliate the skin and contributes to moisturizing, skin care effectively. And especially, do not ever forget to moisturize after exfoliating light, very important there.

Perform proper diet to take care of dry skin

Daily diet plays a very important role in the care and maintain skin beauty. To care for dry skin effectively , you need to take diet rich in vitamins A, C, E, magnesium, essential fatty acids (found in sesame, peanuts, cashews, tomato, egg, celery, tomato carrots, lotus, honey, sea fish, clams, oysters, beef, ….) will help nourish your skin from within to combat dry skin. To avoid dry skin, you should eat at least 2 tablespoons of an oil pressed from the seeds every day, it will moisten significantly to the skin and prevent it from drying more like olive oil, flaxseed oil, rapeseed oil, coconut oil, …

The dry skin properly plays an important role in job extremely protective of health and beauty skin, full undo the signs of aging, limitations skin diseases effectively. Flexible application, properly, in accordance 5 how effective dry skin care above will help you significantly improve skin dryness, making it more beautiful, smooth, smoother than a lot of it. Wish you successful application and be confident in the beauty of your skin slightly.

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