Chelsea offer £ 40m, freeing Cavani from Neymar & PSG

Chelsea offer £ 40m, freeing Cavani from Neymar & PSG

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Chelsea are becoming a potential candidate to own Edinson Cavani following the Uruguayan striker’s internal conflict with Neymar at PSG.

Chelsea offer £ 40m, freeing Cavani from Neymar

The Daily Mail recently revealed Chelsea and Everton are two clubs have expressed a significant interest in the future of striker Edinson Cavani, after Cavani sticking to the scramble for penalty and penalty with Neymar.

The Daily Mail said Chelsea had been eyeing Cavani for a long time but now they have a chance to approach him. Chelsea’s attacking force was a little thin when, apart from Alvaro Morata, the striker’s position was only one more Michy Batshuayi was not used by Antonio Conte.

Cavani will have to prepare for Morata if he joins Chelsea and will not be playing in the European Cup, but in exchange for “The Blues” will continue to help him receive a salary of £ 120,000 a week or even more than the salary. he enjoyed in Paris Saint-Germain. In addition, Cavani will have the opportunity to compete for the title higher in Chelsea as a regular starting member.

The Daily Mail says Chelsea are ready to pay £ 40m for Cavani to Stamford Bridge, which is considered a bargain for PSG with a striker in their thirties. Everton also want Cavani, but they are not. Champions League and also will not be excited to pay a high fee after buying a lot of players in the summer.

“Chicken house kicking together,” Neymar demanded PSG to sell off immediately Cavani

PSG’s 2-0 win over Lyon last weekend in Round 6 of Ligue 1 has left a “stain” for the Parisian capital’s rich team due to the rather ridiculous controversy of their two main South American strikers. This season: Edinson Cavani and Neymar.

The 79-year-old played at the Prince of Wales Park, Kylian Mbappe fell into the penalty area and PSG won the penalty. Cavani stepped up to the ball and placed it on the penalty spot. When Cavani prepared to make a shot, Neymar approached, expressing the desire to replace the Uruguayan responsible for the penalty kick. However, Cavani flatly denied Neymar.

Even so, the ninth shirt striker is also angry with the Brazilian star. Meanwhile, Neymar turned his face away and his face was wary. On the penalties, Cavani did not win Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes.

Previously, the fires between Neymar and Cavani have spawned between the two top stars of PSG. The Paris free kick close range and wide shot. Cavani headed for the ball from Dani Alves to make the kick. But the Brazilian defender turned his head, hands down, denying Cavani. Instead, Alves gave the ball to his Brazilian compatriot, former Barça team-mate Neymar, to recruit PSG’s € 222m worth of free kick.

After the collision with Neymar, 20 minutes after the match between PSG and Lyon, Cavani was exasperated leaving the back door of the Park of the Prince without a word.

And Neymar did not immediately abandon the “Follow” Cavani on social network Instagram and instead put it on a personal page with the famous Formula 1 race car British Lewis Hamilton.

Even so, the contradictions continued to push up the highs between Neymar and Cavani. According to Sport, just a few hours ago, Neymar asked President Nasser Al-Khelaifi and PSG to sell Cavani as soon as possible.

Due to the summer transfer period of 2017 has passed, the moment that “Little Pele” wants to host the field of Uruguayan Park Uruguayan nickname nicknamed “Boxer bull” is leaving is the winter transfer period or the summer of 2018.

However, this is a bit difficult because Cavani has just extended a three-year contract with PSG last July and the new terms allow former Napoli striker to stay with the current Ligue 1 runner up to 2020.

MU, Arsenal waiting for the “fight stunt men – good men”

The controversy with expensive star Neymar that Cavani can be sold PSG in the January 2018 transfer period opened up the opportunity for Manchester United and Arsenal – two “big”. Uruguayan age.

United have re-signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Swedish veteran may return to play early in the year after recovering from a knee injury but coach Jose Mourinho still needs another star-class attacker to boost his fitness. attack phase 2 and “split fire” with Romelu Lukaku when the Reds battle in both the Premier League and Champions League this season.

Meanwhile, Arsenal also need an alternative attack in case Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil leave next summer.

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