Coffee ice cream – the president of the United States also want to try

Coffee ice cream – the president of the United States also want to try

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US President Barack Obama has expressed his desire to try Vietnamese coffee ice cream during his trip to Vietnam. This is also a drink that many magazines and visitors praise.

Speaking at a May 23 press conference in Hanoi, President Obama said he might enjoy iced coffee. He also wants to bring his wife and children to Vietnam after touring.
Drinks mentioned by Mr. Obama are one of the specialties always visited by tourists to Vietnam and praised by the international press
Bloomberg voted for 10 of the world’s most delicious and unique coffees, of which Vietnamese ice-cream coffees were hailed as “delicious and delicious”
Roasted coffee is added to the traditional brewing tools – coffee beans, then the coffee is added with milk and ice, creating a delicious flavor, delicious and new to foreigners. This beverage is served at most coffee shops in Saigon.
Restaurant expert and chef John Quilter also listed Vietnam’s icecream coffee in the top five icecreams he rated the most.
He described: “Coffee is blended with condensed milk, since raw milk was previously scarce in Vietnam. Coffee after mixing with milk will be added with ice and stirring, creating a delicious taste
The CNN page also suggests that iced coffee is one of 10 items to try when it comes to Vietnam. French coffee brought into Vietnam with bread. Enjoying a glass of iced coffee on the bustling sidewalks in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City is a great experience.
This delicious but delicious drink is on the list of the best coffee in the world voted by CN Traveler magazine.
Vietnam’s ice cream coffee impresses with international visitors, by its unique blend and delicious taste, according to The Daily Meal

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