Eibar’s strike, Messi equalized Ronaldo

Eibar’s strike, Messi equalized Ronaldo

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With four goals in the Eibar net this morning, Lionel Messi equalized Cristiano Ronaldo at the club level and at the club level.

In the 6-1 win over Eibar in the fifth round of La Liga, Messi continued to be the brightest player on the Barcelona side when he contributed four goals to the Catalan team.

With this achievement, Messi has raised the total number of goals he scored in career to 577 goals. Comparing 232 tectonics, the Argentine superstar has contributed to the shoe in a total of 809 goals.

This is also the record that Ronaldo has. Specifically up to the present time, the Portuguese superstar has acquired a total of 610 mixed up and 199 tectonic scenarios for teammates scored.

However, one point should be considered, when the 809 goals that Messi contributed shoe imprints made in only 711 matches, on average a match Messi contributed to create 1.14 goals. Meanwhile, with the loss of 865 games to achieve this, the average Ronaldo only contributed 0.94 goals.

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