“Heart loss” with the expensive carved son into a cat to donate to his girlfriend

“Heart loss” with the expensive carved son into a cat to donate to his girlfriend

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The boy, born in 1995, has become a public figure in the Chinese community today by expressing his unique and creative love for his girlfriend.
To express love to his girlfriend, men often think of creative enough, different to impress. But the way Wang Yang Ming, the Chinese, made is probably the most unique way up to now because not only spend a lot of money but he also spent a lot of effort and enthusiasm.

Knowing that his girlfriend was a very loving son and a cat, Wang Yangming, a sculpture student, made the point of giving a gift of “one hit on two ends”. That is the sculpture of dozens of peeps into a cute cat.

Duong Vuong Minh’s son showed off the achievement of eight branded lipsticks that were carved into cats

It is worth mentioning that they are all brand name lipstick from several million dong from famous brands such as Burberry, Dior, Estee LauderBobbi Brown, YSL …
In order to create a cat on a lipstick, Wang Yang Ming must sculpt continuously for 10 hours in a room of just 12 square meters. Before that, he ruined five expensive lipstick when initially groping to work on the job because of not understanding the material of lipstick.

The boy worked continuously for 10 hours in a 12-square-meter room to create a cat shape for a completely manual lipstick.

The sculpture process begins with the paper-based paper design, and then sculpts on the gypsum board. After the successful experiment, Yang Ming began to make real lipstick. He started with YSL lipstick, which cost about 300 yuan (about 1 million dong).
When asked why not use 3D printing method quickly and conveniently, the boy born in 1995 said: “A beautiful and meaningful sculpture must be done by hand, so to feel. The beauty of it, though, is that 3D prints can make the lipstick more delicate, but I decided to do it by hand to show my sincere feelings for my girlfriend. ”

All of the lipstick he uses come from well-known brands
The sculpture process begins with a paper template
Then test on a piece of plaster
Successful sampling of the sculpture student boy started on the real lipstick
Then use the swipe to swipe the corners of the sculpture
Each product takes 10 hours to complete

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