MU – Mourinho marched to Moscow: Flying 5,000 km

MU – Mourinho marched to Moscow: Flying 5,000 km

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The match against CSKA Moscow on Russia promises not to be easy for United. Army “Red Devils” must march to the country of birch with a journey of more than 5,000 km.

Hard game against Southampton in the Premiership, which has led the team of coach Jose Mourinho exhausted tired. As a result, the 5,550-kilometer-long flight from Manchester to Moscow also made it unsuitable for United to step down on the runway.

With the long journey, the stars of the English football team appear tired. However, the players are still smiling friendly before the time of departure. From De Gea, Lukaku to Martial, Rashford or even Mourinho coach, are all ready for the autograph if fans ask.

Meanwhile, coach Mourinho – at the age of 54, really reveals the emaciation. It seems the conquest from Manchester is not the best preparation for a tough battle ahead.

Some photos of MU before departure:

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