Teardrop with 5 famous Chinese spicy dishes

Teardrop with 5 famous Chinese spicy dishes

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The spicy tongue tore from the bowl of Sichuan tofu, dandan noodles or fish head steamed peppers … can instantly awaken the taste of any diner.

1. Tofu Sichuan, Sichuan

This is the most famous dish of Sichuan Province – famous place with spicy and hot cuisine. The ingredients that make up the Sichuan tofu dish include: kidney beans, minced meat and spicy spices typical of Sichuan like peppers and peppers. When enjoying, the tip of the tongue will be numb, the stomach is as hot as fire but still want to eat more, that is why this dish has become so famous.

Tofu Sichuan

Another good feature of Sichuan tofu is that it represents the seven characteristics of Chinese cuisine such as hot and spicy and crispy. As attractive as it is so easy to understand as today Sichuan tofu is present in many countries around the world, but eating tofu in Sichuan Sichuan land still brings an unforgettable experience.
2. Spicy hotpot, Chongqing

Although in China there are many different styles of hot pot, but the best hot pot – the best must belong to Chongqing hot pot. Trung Khanh hotpot has 2 negative bin, one super spicy compartment with lots of chili pepper, pepper and oil for dipping, one is made from cool herbs. Not only the spicy water chamber is divided into three types of spicy, spicy and super spicy, however, just call Spicy just enough to eat spicy good people just shed tears.

Comes with a special hot pot is a long list of dipping with enough meat, fish, cake for you to enjoy. A hot spicy hot pot Chongqing will make you remember forever. Currently, Chongqing Spicy Hotpot is sold in many places across the vast Chinese country but only hot pot in Trung Khanh itself feels good taste and spicy taste.
3. Spicy hotpot, Chongqing

Spicy hotpot, Chongqing

Hunan peppers are one of the most spicy dishes in China. Instead of just using red peppers, the chef here uses both green peppers and red peppers to add color to the dish. The dishes include egg noodles and fish soup, making meals nutritious and delicious. However, with the amount of pepper covered fish face, prepare the spirit to both eat and scald out spicy offline!
4. Dandan Noodles, Sichuan

Dandan Noodles, Sichuan

The composition of a very simple chinese dandan bowl consists of a spicy black bean sauce with a tuna, grilled pork, freshly squeezed garlic, scallions and cilantro, but you can not forget the delicious taste. And characteristic spicy.
At first, the spicy sauce will be poured to the bottom, followed by the hot, but not seasoned noodles, sprinkled with scallion and scallion. When enjoying, diners will mix hands so that all materials are mixed together and enjoy.

5. Chili fried chicken of Chongqing

Chili fried chicken of Chongqing

This is the specialty chicken of Chongqing and features Sichuan cuisine because of its spicy taste. The culprits of the spicy is the Sichuan pepper baby. So, if you see this while eating, do not chew it! Also do not try chili pieces … unless you are brave. And this dish is quite expensive too!

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