Ten must-experience-things in Seoul – Korea

Ten must-experience-things in Seoul – Korea

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Shopping and street food are two of ten experiences that you should try when travelling in Seoul.

Eating grilled meat

Korean grilled meat

Korean people like grilled meat. You can choose a affordable to not only experience this specialty but also discover the unique cultural space here.

One day in Garosu-gil


It is famous entertaining zone where you can find a lot of coffee shops, shopping stores, and hair salons. You may have to spend all day to discover all of them.

Visiting Kangnam district

Kangnam district

This is one of 25 districts of Seoul city. This place is famous for many entertaining activities, modern buildings and crowded bars.

Street restaurants

Street restaurants on street side

One of the familiar images in Korea films is the street restaurants which are built as a tent on the street side. They called pojangmacha which sell noshes, sochu wine, seafood, and grilled meat.

Eating seafood in Noryangjin market

Noryanggjin market

There are many stands which sell fresh seafood in this market. You can buy the one you like then finding a restaurant near the market help you to process it. This is really a great experience.

Eating Samgyetang


Ginseng is famous specialty in Korea and Samgyetang is a famous dish also. This dish is made of chicken, ginseng, rice and herbs. Samgyetang is most delicious when being eaten in the cold weather.

Climbing to the Namsan Tower

Namsan Tower

There is a place of Locks and love which is often appeared in Korea love story films here. This place is for a lot of couples coming and praying for their lasting love.

Cosmetic shopping in Myeong-dong


Besides grilled food, seafood, and sunset seeing in Namsan, the girls have one more reason to visiting Seoul, it’s shopping, especially cosmetics. The Korean cosmetics when being sold in Korea are far cheaper than exported ones.

Shopping in Dongdaemun


There are both famous and affordable brands sold in this market. People when visiting here will be overwhelmed with the diversity of clothes here.

Walking in the ancient palaces

Korean ancient palace

Korea has a diversifying culture and ancient history so if you have a chance to travel in Seoul, don’t forget to visit the ancient palace to discover more about Korean culture and tradition.

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