Tiramisu – The cake started from a brothel in Italy

Tiramisu – The cake started from a brothel in Italy

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Few know that the cake is always associated with the romance, the symbol of love of Italy was born from brothels and used to serve customers.

Tiramisu Cake – Cake from the brothels in Italy

Along with gelato and panna cotta, tiramisu is one of the desserts not to be missed when coming to Italy. The cake is a harmonious combination of the aroma of coffee, light wine with the fat of egg and cream cheese. Each piece is a perfect blend of all flavors, so it is also called “heavenly bread”.

No one knows exactly where and when tiramisu was made, but it certainly came from a city in Italy. Around the origin of the cake are dozens of romantic stories tied to love. Someone confirmed that tiramisu was born in World War I, when an Italian woman wanted to send the cake as a sweet treat for the soldiers preparing to leave the battle. Someone said that the cake is the mother’s love for girls with the desire to her early cure.

However, according to some books still to this day, tiramisu first appeared inside a brothel in the town of Treviso, in northern Italy, according to News. Tiramisu in Italian means “pick me up” (pull me up). The cake was born to serve the exhausted guests after the fun, is considered stimulant and bring feelings of excitement.

At that time, even many people also told one another: “The more tiramisu you eat, the more prosperous the prostitution business.” “It is unbelievable that the critically acclaimed cake came from the brothel,” said Lara Santi, a tourist who shared her feelings after learning of it.

The romantic town of Treviso, the birthplace of tiramisu. Photo: Supplied.

According to some oral traditions, tiramisu is also a game between prostitutes and prostitutes. Then, the girls will be given coffee beans, biscuits, chocolate powder, eggs and mascarpone. They will make biscuits, lunch, chat and dessert with tiramisu. After eating, it is time for them to go to their room and start sex. Conversely, if the man refuses to eat tiramisu, they will be considered losers and not respected.

However, the transmission of tiramisu cake requires a woman. She accidentally visited her brothel lover who loved the cake right from the first time. So when the government decided to close the brothels, she decided not to let this cake disappear.

When she gave birth to a boy and experimented with tiramisu, she found that her health improved very well after labor. She began to complete the recipe and put on a restaurant menu, serving those who had never set foot in the brothel.

Dessert # 1 in the dessert menu of the big restaurants. Photo: BBC Good Food.

Today, when it comes to Treviso, the town is dubbed “the kingdom of fun and sex,” visitors can enjoy tiramisu anywhere, including in the pub. With the old tiramisu, the layers are individually made not sticky, today people use cheese to make them more attractive. Tiramisu is still the number one choice for desserts on the menu of many large restaurants, and is the most popular cake in the pastry shop around the world.

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