Top 5 best Japanese dishes

Top 5 best Japanese dishes

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Japan is a country not only culture rich identity but also very diverse food, unique. Each region of the city has its own unique food, so if you have the opportunity to come to the sunrise country, you should not miss the famous Japanese food the world over here.

5 traditional Japanese dishes are the most popular


Speaking of traditional Japanese food, you can not ignore the attractive sushi. This is an indispensable dish in the Japanese meal, especially on special holidays. Today, because of its popularity, you can enjoy sushi in Vietnam or anywhere else in the world. However, the experience of eating sushi in Japan is much more attractive.

The main ingredients for making this traditional Japanese sushi are raw fish, caviar, fresh seafood, rice mixed with vinegar, seaweed, vegetables and wasabi (mustard).

This is the top dish on the list of dishes can not be ignored when coming to Japan. And Tokyo is where you can enjoy the best sushi, remember to try it offline.


You can see that the name takoyaki is very familiar right, this is the food that appears a lot in the anime is famous in the world. This Japanese dish is not only a favorite dish of the Japanese, but also infatuated with many tourists difficult.

The main ingredients for Takoyaki are octopus, green onion and ginger dipping powder. Takoyaki pancakes contain chopped octopus, green onions, spices are rounded, roasted on an electric stove until golden. This type of cake when eating crispy crust outside, the powder inside soft and crunchy octopus very delicious.


Just like sushi, sashimi is one of the traditional Japanese dishes. Sashimi brings the fresh taste of the sea. The main ingredient of sashimi is fresh seafood caught under certain standards to ensure the freshness as just to bowl in the sea up.

Just a piece of sashimi you can feel completely fresh never seen before.


Udon is a famous pasta dish with thick noodles and thick, about 1cm in diameter. Water used to make noodles is made with soy sauce, mirin and dasin that taste very sweet. A bowl of udon noodles consists of large noodles, fried beans, scallions, tempura, in addition to add seafood or meat according to taste.


Dorayaki is a traditional Japanese dish, also known as Doremon by young Vietnamese.


Traditional dorayaki is made from egg, flour and red bean. Later, dorayaki is added with many different flavors such as taro, green beans, strawberries, green tea, cheese, chestnuts, … to suit everyone’s taste.

The above are the top 5 traditional Japanese dishes and the oldest. Each dish has a taste and expresses the quintessence and culture of each region. Eat and feel you!

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