Video Southampton – MU: Super red card time offset

Video Southampton – MU: Super red card time offset

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(Soccer Video – Soccer Score, Southampton – Manchester United, Round 6 Premier League 2017/18) Tension, fierce of the match is maintained until the last minute of injury time.

Coach Mourinho kept the Everton squad last weekend before marching to Southampton. Despite having the strongest frame at the moment, the Reds are slow to enter. At times, the home side overruns and pushes United back into defense.

However, MU still get the most important thanks to the charm of scoring Lukaku. Young fluttered plastic ball on the left wing, Belgian striker brave head not beat goalkeeper Forster. But very fast lukaku stone accent near the opening 20 minutes.


With this set-up, Lukaku leveled Louis Saha’s record. In the history of the Premier League, no striker scored six goals in the first 6 rounds for the Red Devils as the duo.

Get the goal to clear the deadlock but MU still not beaten up. Remaining point of the first half is a very violent situation of Long. The striker landed on Fellaini’s heel, but the referee only drew a yellow card warning.

After the break, Southampton attacked massively. They accept the risk of raising the team in the hope of finding a solution soon. Manchester United’s players are very embarrassing before the wings and De Gea’s wings are constantly swinging.

Lukaku opened the scoring for United

Meanwhile, despite plenty of space but MU does not deploy the counter-phase quality. Mourinho must use all three substitutions to strengthen the defense against the terrible pressure from Southampton. Even the fourth minute, the Portuguese strategist was disqualified by the referee because the referee refuses to give the corner penalty when the time has elapsed.

Manchester United and Manchester City continue to lead the league (16 points), but the Red Devils are second in the league for a poor lead.

Final Score: Southampton 0-1 MU (1st half: 0-1)

Goal count: Lukaku 20 ‘

Red card: coach Mourinho 90 ‘+ 4


Southampton: Forster, Yoshida, Cedric, Hoedt, Bertrand, Romeu, Lemin, Tadic, Davis, Redmond, Long.

MU: De Gea, Valencia, Bailly, Jones, Young, Matic, Fellaini, Mkhitaryan, Mata, Rashford, Lukaku

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